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Automated Spray System Saves Aluminum Strip Producer US$240,000 Annually, Case Study 121A • Anschauen

Spray Injectors Reduce Nox by 45%, Case Study 124A • Anschauen

Energy Use Slashed in Drying and Cooling Operations, Case Study 128A • Anschauen

Chemical Processor Experiences Significant Savings with New Tote Cleaning System, Case Study 130A • Anschauen

Glass Coating System Reduces Scrap by 75%, Case Study 131A • Anschauen

Can Manufacturer Doubles Chain Life with Electrostatic Lubrication System, Case Study 133A • Anschauen

Wine Bottle Manufacturer Slashes Compressed Air Use with Air Cannon System, Case Study 139A • Anschauen

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Reduces Oil Use by 50% with New Lube System, Case Study 140A • Anschauen

Powder Manufacturer Saves More than $75,000 with New Automated Tank Cleaner, Case Study 142A • Anschauen

White Papers

How to Reduce Compressed Air Consumption in Drying and Blow-Off Applications, White Paper 102 • Anschauen